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What You Pay for Your Purchase and Delivery

At Global Orders USA, we keep things simple. Our Pricing Structure and Policy are not complicated; they are totally transparent with no hidden charges. All payments are made in US Dollars. When you buy through us you know upfront what to expect to pay.

Your Total Price consists of 2 components:

1) What you pay to the online store or another merchant;

2) What you pay to us for shipping services

What you pay to the Online Store or other Merchant
When you buy from an online store (or a regular store) either directly or through us, you pay them for the cost of goods and their delivery cost to our warehouse. In some cases, stores collect a sales tax.

What you pay to us

You pay us
1) A commission of 10% (but not less than $15) for handling your order including placing your order on your behalf, transferring your payment to and tracking and following up on your order with the merchant, and receiving your order at our warehouse. If you buy your order yourself and ship it to our warehouse in the USA our commission is a flat fee of $25.

Herewith, in contrast with many other International shippers, the following services do not require any additional payments:

free_label.jpgOrder inspection for correctness and completeness;

free_label.jpgPacking and repacking orders in preparation for International shipment;

free_label.jpgFilling out customs declaration forms required for International shipment of merchandise;

free_label.jpgOptional consolidation of multiple orders in order to reduce cost of International delivery (on your request);

free_label.jpgOptionally storing orders at our warehouse for up to one month (on your request);

free_label.jpgOptionally taking pictures of merchandise upon receiving and e-mailing the pictures for your verification before International shipping (on your request).

2) International Shipping charges that include carrier shipping cost and (optionally) insurance from the carrier to provide a guarantee against possible damage or loss of your order.

Shipping and Handling charges vary from country to country as well as the size and weight of your order. To simplify the estimation of your shipping and handling charges, please use the Pricing Calculator below that we have provided for your convenience:


$ (+ our commission 10%, minimum $25)
If your country is not listed here please contact us
for shipping quote
Please contact us for alternative international shipping options
(Pounds / Kg)